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2021: New Year, Goals, Plans and Resolutions to Make the Most of the New Pandemic World Order.

· 4 min read
Ron Amosa
Platform Security Engineer @ Salesforce U.S.

Happy New Year!

Yes. I know it's the 12th.

2021 is here, it's still January and I'm getting the first post of the year out early!

I know this is the time of year people will do their new year's resolutions, plan for the year ahead etc., but this is the first New Year's I've seen through not as a contractor.

What's the difference?

I'd usually be working through the break, and just be focused on the contract in front of me. The usual plan for contracting is just work on whatever contract you're on until the final month of the term (whenever that is- sometimes the client would extend, other time's you'd just want out) then either look for another contract, or take a break.

There's never been a "plan the year ahead" time for me for the last 4-5 years like a normal person, but that's all changed now I'm in a permanent role with Salesforce.

I've spent this past week working on a plan for the year ahead.

Without much further ado- these are some of the things I'm going to work towards this year!

Learn & Blog about Platform Security#

This one makes sense- I started in a new industry last Sept when I joined Salesforce as a Senior Platform Security Engineer, so I'm getting organized morphing into my new form.

The best way I know how to learn about things, is by doing it, and then writing about it so I'm going to focus on a few key topics e.g. Threat Modeling, Container, Kubernetes and Cloud Security- read books, take courses (CSSK), do CTF's- and document my learning on here.

This will line up with a few of my other goals this year.

Tech Talks#

On the back of the Platform Security learning and blogging, I want to submit and deliver tech talks to conferences around NZ this year.

Public speaking about computers was never on any list of goals I ever had in tech, but in the last few years I've been faced with the idea of representation in Tech.

A whole post for another time, but suffice to say if I- an experienced and skilled System/Infra/DevOps/Cloud and now Security Engineer, who happens to be Samoan- am not seeing any Islanders up front giving tech talks, then I gotta get over myself, get up there and do it for the 'hood #Laugh.

But seriously, this year I'm going to do some talks, so look out for those.


I want to take my mentoring sessions to the next phase in the plan. I've had a really fulfilling experience being a mentor, and this year I want to maintain my commitment to seeing them develop their tech careers, and who knows maybe even see them at conferences doing some tech talks with me (you know who you are haha).

Read 1 x Book a Week#

During the lock-down aka 2020, I wrote about my wanting to read and write more and since that post I haven't really made a dent in any book despite buying a whole bunch in the same space of time.

I'm determined to read more this year so I've made a reading list (i.e. books I own that I haven't read yet), watched a few YouTube videos about how other people approached a book a week ( e.g. dividing the total book pages by days = daily target, read in the morning etc. ) and am committing to that reading schedule.

I've even added a new section to my site where I will post my book notes, reviews etc. (coming soon under 'Books').

Blog Post 1 x week#

This one is more of a habit-builder and linking it to either my book reading schedule or learning documentation, I'm committing to posting at least 1 x Blog post a week. It can be a general update, some musings, thoughts, whatever.


That's it for the more tech-focused goals- I have other personal goals, which I may allude to in posts, but for this, that's it.

The easy part is planning it (funnily enough). Doing the damn thing is where it comes undone.

I will update weekly on progress- but if I'm doing the rest of it (learning and actioning stuff etc.) I should have more to blog about than just "um, this week I didn't do much (again)" #Laugh.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!