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Think Global. Act Local.

· One min read
Ron Amosa

The game is simple, so keep it simple.

The machine is massive. Yes. But you don't eat an elephant whole. You break it down; divide and conquer; all these gems, these pearls of wisdom, gained on the blood, sweat and tears of everyone who went before us.

Leave the ego aside. Listen. Learn. Act.

The problems affecting the Pasifika community are many. They are complicated issues. They are inter-generational. They are systemic.

But the game. The game is simple.

The lens, and avenue I have and know, is tech.

The economic power of tech skills i.e. jobs, businesses.

The system leverage of the tech landscape i.e. information, human networks, reach.

The scope of impact is wide-ranging- "disruption" is an often used verb in the tech world, because it's real.

The scope of action though, imo, should be local.

True impact, starts with yourself, your family, your community, your city, country and then, the world.

I'm not saying "don't try to change the world", but "boiling the ocean" and sayings from wisdom of knowing how to approach a problem and reach the truth.