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ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

Pain is inevitable. Life is pain.

Dramatic much?

Well, what do you consider pain then? A terminal illness? A broken leg? Heart break?

How about disappointment? Insecurity? Anxiety? Uncertainty? Depression? Losing someone close to you? A heated argument? Are these not all things we will experience at some stage in life, maybe often? Repeatedly?

But this is just life, and as you can see life, is pain.

We get one "out" though- the power to choose.

For example when deciding to go for a goal in life, you get to choose which pain you experience- the pain of failure if you try, or the pain of regret if you don't? You don't get to escape pain, only choose which pain you accept.

Because you have no control over the things that happen to you, but you always have control over how you respond to it- you get to choose.

Choose wisely, but you can always, always choose.