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ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

Breadth vs Depth, when it comes to knowledge and experience is a "Space and Time" concept to me.


Knowing a little about a lot means covering a lot of space over time, but it's shallow. It goes wide.

Knowing a lot about a little means using a lot of time in the same space, but it's deep. It goes... well, deep.

That 't' for time is the same in both regards, one gets great cover, the other gets great depth- both pay the same time.

So which do you choose? A variety of life? Or a depth of life?

The internet has given us so much variety, choice, a grand expanse the surface of which stretches further than the imagination can see. And that's where we tend to stay, forever skating the vast surface area, seeking more and more areas beyond the horizon. Always moving, always new.

And we lose sight of the deep. We don't look down, we're forever looking across.

If we did we might see the abyss under our feet, we'd see we could go further than we'd ever thought possible, without taking another step.

Don't go long. Go deep.