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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

"You only regret the things you don't do."

Is a saying I used to live my life by, probably more an excuse to get up to whatever chaos came to mind when I was younger.

I still think it applies today.

With everything around us, choice, options, doubt, opportunity-cost, fomo, I can only surmise that whatever prevents us from action, in our best interests, or in the interests of our truth, of what we want for ourselves in this life - is not worth the regret that will inevitably come at the end of it all.

A lot of the time it's about figuring out what it is we really want in our lives, what's our ideal life?

What does that look like?

Are we scared to dream? Do we think we deserve it? Or that we're capable of acquiring it?

Maybe we don't ask the question because we're not up to the possibility of that answer being what we don't want it to be. And once asked, you can't take that back.

Todays thought it the person who would advance, onwards towards their goal, taking in what external feedback was useful, no vanity metrics, real critical feedback, requested and processed as objectively as possible. Improving vision, understanding, thinking, on the course ahead.

Towards the life we've always wanted, but were afraid to dream.

Who is that person? That person is me.