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Install eksctl tool for AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)


Published Date: 27-APR-2020

This quick bit of documentation is more for me to get right setting up to play with EKS clusters for the first time using the eksctl tool.

install aws-cli version 1.18.17+

if you haven't got aws-cli already installed, install v1, python3 version:

pip3 install awscli --upgrade [--user]

if you do and just need to upgrade

pip3 install --upgrade [--user] awscli


aws --version
aws-cli/1.18.46 Python/3.6.9 Linux/5.3.0-46-generic botocore/1.15.46

configure aws-cli

run aws configure and answer these questions:

AWS Access Key ID [None]: ...
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: ...
Default region name [None]: us-west-2 # this is an example
Default output format [None]: json

or make sure these files look like this:


aws_secret_access_key = "some_access_key"
aws_access_key_id = "some_access_key_id"

and ~/.aws/config (this is an example, change your region, output values)

output = json
region = us-west-2

install eksctl

curl --silent --location "$(uname -s)_amd64.tar.gz" | tar xz -C /tmp
sudo mv /tmp/eksctl /usr/local/bin

eksctl create cluster...

eksctl create cluster --name test-cluster --version 1.14 --nodegroup-name standard-workers --node-type t3.medium --nodes 2 --nodes-min 1 --nodes-max 4 --node-ami auto
[ℹ] eksctl version 0.17.0
[ℹ] using region us-west-2
[ℹ] setting availability zones to [us-west-2d us-west-2a us-west-2b]
[ℹ] subnets for us-west-2d - public: private:
[ℹ] subnets for us-west-2a - public: private:
[ℹ] subnets for us-west-2b - public: private:
[ℹ] nodegroup "standard-workers" will use "ami-0800241390701b996" [AmazonLinux2/1.14]
[ℹ] using Kubernetes version 1.14
[ℹ] creating EKS cluster "test-cluster" in "us-west-2" region with un-managed nodes
[ℹ] will create 2 separate CloudFormation stacks for cluster itself and the initial nodegroup
[ℹ] if you encounter any issues, check CloudFormation console or try 'eksctl utils describe-stacks --region=us-west-2 --cluster=test-cluster'
[ℹ] CloudWatch logging will not be enabled for cluster "test-cluster" in "us-west-2"
[ℹ] you can enable it with 'eksctl utils update-cluster-logging --region=us-west-2 --cluster=test-cluster'
[ℹ] Kubernetes API endpoint access will use default of {publicAccess=true, privateAccess=false} for cluster "test-cluster" in "us-west-2"
[ℹ] 2 sequential tasks: { create cluster control plane "test-cluster", create nodegroup "standard-workers" }
[ℹ] building cluster stack "eksctl-test-cluster-cluster"
[ℹ] deploying stack "eksctl-test-cluster-cluster"
[ℹ] deploying stack "eksctl-test-cluster-nodegroup-standard-workers"
[✔] all EKS cluster resources for "test-cluster" have been created
[✔] saved kubeconfig as "/home/user/.kube/config"
[ℹ] adding identity "arn:aws:iam::872504604641:role/eksctl-test-cluster-nodegroup-sta-NodeInstanceRole-MO5CYQG7WR9X" to auth ConfigMap
[ℹ] nodegroup "standard-workers" has 0 node(s)
[ℹ] waiting for at least 1 node(s) to become ready in "standard-workers"
[ℹ] nodegroup "standard-workers" has 2 node(s)
[ℹ] node "" is not ready
[ℹ] node "" is ready

check ~/.kube/config

you should have a new k8s context for eks that looks like this:

- context:
user: [email protected]
name: [email protected]
current-context: [email protected]
kind: Config
preferences: {}
- name: [email protected]
- eks
- get-token
- --cluster-name
- test-cluster
- --region
- us-west-2
command: aws
env: null

verify eks creation

check nodes with kubectl get nodes


NAME                                           STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION Ready <none> 4h18m v1.14.9-eks-1f0ca9 Ready <none> 4h18m v1.14.9-eks-1f0ca9


if you see this, it means your aws-cli version doesn't have the required subcommand get-token in it cos its too old

[]  unable to use kubectl with the EKS cluster (check 'kubectl version'): usage: aws [options] <command> <subcommand> [<subcommand> ...] [parameters]
To see help text, you can run:

aws help
aws <command> help
aws <command> <subcommand> help
aws: error: argument operation: Invalid choice, valid choices are:

create-cluster | delete-cluster
describe-cluster | list-clusters
Unable to connect to the server: getting credentials: exec: exit status 2

go back to the aws-cli install or upgrade section above.

otherwise check out the aws troubleshooting page here: Unauthorized or access denied(kubectl)

check the references for more documentation