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What you have to give.

ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

Social, or community work, is fairly new in my world.

I don't purport to be some altruistic do-gooder in any sense, as much as someone doing something they are able- and most of the time "willing", to do.

So, why is it important to look at the intersection of "what you do" and "what you want to do"?

There's a self-sacrificing element to doing things for others. It comes at a price. Everything does.

The price is an objective measure, there's nothing wrong with a price. It's the reality of the "exchange of things", and doesn't even have to be a tangible thing.

When I think of price, or cost, I think of the thing you get from what you give.

And as long as you are aware, and okay with what is being exchanged, there's no issue.

I believe everyone has something to give. This doesn't mean it has to be given- time, money, opinions, ideas, thoughts... anything really.

Nobody is owed these things that belong to you.

Obligation, guilt, self-esteem can convince you that you owe your things to someone or something, but you really don't.

When there's work to done, like my mum always says (in Samoan), give with a "clean heart".

You have considered the cost and accept the things that come with it.

Give from what you have, what you want to give.

And if it's more than you're willing to give, do yourself and everyone else a favour, and say no.