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Talofa 👋

That means "hello" in Samoan.

This is my make-shift Digital Garden 🌱 where I try to write regularly, learn in public and share the thought-process.

🗒 Notes

My notes will be on random, ad-hoc things I'm working on at any one time, but will mostly involve cloud, kubernetes, devops, automation, security.

The sidebar menu and documents will grow as I continue to add more notes to the garden.

🗓️ Currently

Things I'm working or focused on:-

📚 Books

My reading list, what I'm currently reading and notes on books I've read.

Current reading:

Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is HumanJoy Buolamwini
Right/Wrong: How Technology Transforms Our EthicsJuan Enriquez

I have a mix of kindle and physical books that I read.

📗 Study

These are the study and exam notes for certifications, courses (newest->oldest) that I have passed.

🏴‍☠️ Hacker

Breaking things. Notes and information related to Information Security, Offensive (red) and Defensive (blue) Security and DevSecOps (purple).


I work on hacking various rooms on the TryHackMe platform under "RxHack" and do write-ups of what I learn here.


I started on HackTheBox on March-15-2022 and will post write-ups of my hacking efforts here as well.

💻 Engineer

Building things. Applications, Software Engineering, Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering.

All code for such projects you can find on my GitHub account (the public repo's anyway).

🗃 Archive

Old blog posts from 2016-2020.