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Talofa 👋

That means "hello" in Samoan.

This is my make-shift Digital Garden 🌱 where I try to write regularly, learn in public and share the thought-process.

🗒 Notes

My notes will be on random, ad-hoc things I'm working on at any one time, but will mostly involve cloud, kubernetes, devops, automation, security.

The sidebar menu and documents will grow as I continue to add more notes to the garden.

🗓️ Currently



📚 Books

My reading list, what I'm currently reading and notes on books I've read.

📗 Study

Study and exam notes for certifications, courses.

  • I passed my "CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator" exam, July 2021. Find my study and exam notes here
  • I passed my "CKS: Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist" exam, September 2021. Find my study and exam notes here

🏴‍☠️ Hacker

Breaking things. Notes and information related to Information Security, Offensive (red) and Defensive (blue) Security and DevSecOps (purple).


I work on hacking various rooms on the TryHackMe platform under "RxHack" and do write-ups of what I learn here.


I started on HackTheBox on March-15-2022 and will post write-ups of my hacking efforts here as well.


I do a hacking stream at where I hack on TryHackme or HackTheBox machines and do my best to follow 'swyx' philosophy of "learning in public".

💻 Engineer

Building things. Applications, Software Engineering, Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering.

Even though I'm in Security at the moment, I still love Infrastructure, Automation and Engineering so will do my best to stay in touch with knowledge and skills from that era of my career.

All code for such projects you can find on my GitHub account (the public repo's anyway).

🗃 Archive

Old blog posts from 2016-2020.