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Everything / Nothing

· 2 min read
Ron Amosa

Stoic philosphy often asks us to make light of every day situations that plague us as human beings.

How we feel, how we were hurt, how things have been unfair. Everyday, human problems.

The stoics say we choose our misery and sufferings. That we suffer as long as we decide to, and when we choose to not suffer anymore, we don't.

That's fairly powerful if you can get into the habit.

Big if, right?

Yes. And ultimately, no.

Like any art form, or discipline, it takes practice. And humans being the "path of least resistence" species we are, whatever has been easiest for us, has conditioned us, daily, to be what we are right now.

So the conditioning is not on our side. It takes concerted, commited effort to overcome and trend the habits towards where we intend them to go.

But in the end, with enough discipline and commitment, we would eventually feel better, unhurt and at peace with the world.

Or we could flag all that and just decide right now to be exactly that.

The stoics make it sound trivial.

We look at what that path would entail, and it would take everything in us. Or nothing at all.