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Discipline equals freedom.

· 2 min read
Ron Amosa

Jocko Willink isn't the type of person usually on my "motivational" radar.

But credit where credit's due, and this idea, this concept of "Discipline equals freedom" is one that resonates- not with the conservative side of me, but the wild side.

The side that is reckless and self-destructive. It resonates because that side is out of control, it serves only itself and will see the 'whole' ruined. You think it's free. Free to do whatever it feels like doing.

But that's not freedom. It's a prison by another name.

I like this idea because structure, routine, discipline all equal consistency to me.

And consistency in any application is what yields results. You pick what you want to be consistent in, and the results will follow.

Consistently have a bad diet. Result, bad health. Consistently not exercise. Result, lack fitness.

The freedom in the equation symbolises freedom from the anxiety of picking and choosing what you want to do and its consequences at any given moment. The decision has long been made, and you have a consistency schedule to follow- your discipline.

And once you a free from psychological load of umming and aahing on the decision line, the decisions have been made, there is only to "do it" facing you every single day- you start to build your freedom from the consequences of a bad diet, lack of sleep from late nights, feeling tired becuase you're unfit.

Discipline leads you down a tunnel, freeing you from the burdens subjecting yourself to the chaos of life.

Not that I'm a religous person, but the bible verse "John 8:36" comes to mind:

"...if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."

Only in that, once you find the thing that really, really sets you free, you'll know it's different from everything else that promises that freedom.