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How and What.

ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

Lately there's been a lot of "What" from a lot of people, and not enough "How".

It's too often "What" is wrong with the world, examples, citations and evidence ad nauseum of all the ways this world sucks and is failing us.

"E leai se mea e fou i lalo le la" There is nothing new under the Sun- is how I feel about all the "look!" and "gotcha!" proclamations on social media.

Most of us by now, know all the crap and bad things going on around the world to lots of people. It's being called out for a while now. Social media is just another 24/7 news broadcaster that needs to plug every hour on the hour with "news" that we've repeatedly heard already and know is happening.

Yet, so many people are invested in just calling it out over and over "Look who's done 'insert-bad-thing' now!"

Woop de do. We already know all that!

How! How! How!! are we going to fix it?! Talk about that more!!

Too much easy, shallow, self-centering "What's" in the world and nowhere near enough deep, hard, systemic "Hows".