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Right, not Easy.

ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

"The right thing, is the right thing"- subjective, but that's the gist.

In a world where we've let ourselves be conditioned by the whims and flows of our current society, from what's normal or acceptable, we're going to have a hard time once we snap out of this and realise what we're doing is not right.

And not in the "big" areas of our lives, but in the small every day choices we make that we know are not right. What we're eating, what we're watching or reading, or not reading. The time we waste on social media, or aimlessly browsing the web.

Especially in our thoughts and daily practices of self-control and perspectives. Are we making the right, or good choices?

Because if not, and we're not even aware of them. They become habits. They form behaviours and re-enforce conditions.

So when it comes time to correct for these, they're not easy. They require a big commitment to course-correction.

Not impossible, and not the end of the world. But truly more difficult than having built a healthy pathway for good and right behaviours and habits from the beginning, and maintaining the course, rather than circuit-breaking a habit and building from scratch.

The right thing, not the easy thing, and a lot more harder when you've mindlessly conditioned the "wrong" thing into your system.