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Embrace the boredom

· 2 min read
Ron Amosa

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

In a world where delayed gratification is torture, and we are more and more stimulated across all 5 senses, constantly, every day. It's harder to accept boredom in any part of our lives.

Why do we even need to accept this? Why should it even be considered something we should tolerate?

Because it's a space in our ever crowded mental world to leave room to breath, to not think and not do.

But just be.

It's a space for the divine. We don't dictate to a divine space, we don't control what enters or doesn't enter that space if we leave it be for whatever it may be.

And this is perhaps why it becomes so uncomfortable with being "bored". With being unstimulated, lacking excitement or experiencing novelty and interest.

Why is this so hard for so many of us? Do we resist the divine? A space we can't fill with ourselves and our thoughts and feelings and make it all about the insignificant "self"?

Self. Our ego tells us we are more than what we are, and that anything less is not okay. It then distracts us from ever finding this out by keeping us busy, leading us around by our noses and telling us to not bother with such thoughts. Boredom, a divine space, is a place we may have to face this. So we resist boredom, resisting the truth.

To embrace boredom is to accept that life can be completely free of stimulation, and we are okay. Nothing was lost or missed, that everything in our physical world stayed exactly as it was.

But that in our spiritual, mental, emotional world, we were given a space to be, quietly, ok.

Embrace the boredeom.