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Perfect is the Enemy of Getting Anything Done.

ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

The known saying is "Perfect is the enemy of good". Which is good enough, I guess.

But there's so many things "lacking" behind this concept of wanting something to be perfect before you release it, post it, publish it, say it, share it.

Yes, there are things that need care and consideration ahead of release, but that list I'll argue is very small.

And the many things that get caught up in perfection really has no business, and benefits no-one with its delay.

Another saying that relates very well to this perfection idea is "there is no substitute for experience".

How is that even related?

The lie, that is "striving for perfection", basically "insecurity" by another name, prevents us from doing and experiencing the "thing".

The "thing" isn't painting the picture- the "thing" is releasing the picture to be seen by the world.

The experience isn't the act of painting the picture, where's the risk that? Risk allows a space to grow- either your art grows to meet the critics, or you grow as a person to handle the adversity of failing to acheive the mark.

The "striving for perfection" is an excuse for fear; and that fear keeps you from experiencing the thing. The thing that will make you grow, and live your life filled with everything on the other side of that fear.

My brother has a saying (not sure if it's his, but I heard it from him) - "Your Fear is Boring".

And yes, yes it is.