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What You Do in Your Life.

ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

Dave Chappelle was addressing students at Allen University...

"This idea that what you do in your lifetime informs the generation that comes after you is something I keep thinking about"

Obviously we can think from ourselves foward, and be all "be a good example for the next generation".

But so too we can think of about what our grandparents did with their lives, informed my parents generation who, what and why the world was, which ultimately fed into who we are and how we thought of ourselves.

I don't like public speaking- not really- I can do it, I'm good at it I know that, but I don't really like it.

But the idea, that if I get up and speak on some things, and be visible for a generation of people who look like me, that the act will inform this next generation, of who, what and why the world is- is not something to be disregarded lightly.

Tautua, in Samoan means "to serve" or to be "of service".

My mum taught me this through action.

So if not for the legacy that I might leave behind...

then for the legacy that paved the way for me.