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Play the Game

ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

If you look at life, and everything in it, as a game- or a series of intersecting games, within other games, I think that has value.

Looking at things, in terms of a game, allows you to look at the events in your life objectively, as you would watching any other game being played.

(Obviously, if you're emotionally invested in certain games (who isn't), you'll need to think of a game that doesn't make you want to riot when your team loses.)

A game has players, rules, goals, an area of play (boundaries), consequences, techniques, skill, luck and "interpretations".

All these, while not an exhaustive list, make up any of the games in your life.

For example, the "getting a job in tech" is a game. "Wanting to get into a relationship" also a game with the sequel "trying to stay IN a relationship". There's "how to navigate difficult work situations" games as well as "I want to be a rockstar in my field" game.

If you learn the rules of the game, and play them better than anyone else, with some luck, persistence and technique, you can win at the games you choose to play.

A game, like life, is not to be taken too seriously.