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Normal. Perception.

ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

We all have an idea of what "normal" is, so who told you what that is?

Who defined that for you, and on what authority did they make the claim, that this or that was "normal"?

Societal norms, we understand, are what we have collectively agreed is "acceptable", for the greater good (supposedly).

But outside of that consensus, all other forms of "normal" are just our own perception and judgement of what is or should be considered "acceptable", person-to-person.

The church, local council, the librarian, techers etc, will imply, insinuate, refer to and or otherwise explicitly convey to you what they consider normal or acceptable, most likely in a way that lets you know whether you fall inside, or outside of that category.

But that's all it is. Their perception, based on the world around them multiplied by their life experience, divided by the lens they choose to see the world through.

And that's everyone. Seeing "normal" through their individual perceptions.

I'm not normal.