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The Box.

ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

Your life can fit into a box.

You have your work space, your personal space, the spaces you want and the spaces you have. All inside the box.

There are activities that reinforce the box.

Makes you feel better about the box. Makes the box make sense.

Enhances all things to do with living in the box. A perfect unit of measurement, that fits neatly, one edge or another, into the space inside the box.

And then there are activities that makes you think whether your life should be confined by the box.

Confined to the box.

Why even is there a box?

The unknown is scary and uncertain. You do what you know.

The things that give you certainty, the activities that help you feel the solid corners, and edges of the space around you.

Until you can see all four sides and realise...

Your life can fit into a box.