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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

Alignment between the many dispirate aspects of your life can bring balance.

The idea of making something "frictionless", means to remove those things that are causing friction, a contrast or contradiction.

When things are aligned they "line up" and flow in one direction. Life isn't like that (at least not one I'm familiar with) because it's full of many things, all going in their own direction.

So, what do we do?

Live with friction, sure, that's always a possibility.

Or, sit down, do some big picture thinking and figure out what one big picture of what you want out of life might look like.

Then figure out all the parts of life that make up this big picture, and determine what direction those are going.

And from these "chosen" pieces, you start working on how to get alignment, to create a more "frictionless" experience heading towards your big picture.

I recently read something on how a vector is always two parts- a quantity and a direction e.g. how velocity is different to speed, because velocity is speed and a direction.

Similarly the big picture and alignment is like velocity- its a "something" going "somewhere".

The shortest (or quickest) distance between two points, is align (pun intended).