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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

I had to go looking for it because I was sure I've written about compromise before (or at least the work "compromise").

And I did, but I called it Trade-off...

I have a lot going on, a lot of it seems important- I know, honestly, a lot of it isn't.

And the word "compromise" came to mind as I went about all the things I wanted to get done.

On the one hand, if I were to "give in" to letting some things go, of putting a stop and "calling it" on some of these activities, projects, just things that I'm doing.

I felt that would compromise my integrity. I said yes to a bunch of things. I held myself to a standard of service, of quality. And now I was contemplating not delivering? Am I compromising my values?

But then, as some kind of sense started to dawn on that episode of my mind, I saw compromise as an act of grace, of love, for myself and the truly important things in my life- which I don't have many if I'm being really honest. Like, how many do you really need?

So maybe today's post is not a concise reflection, conclusive, insightful... just thoughtful observation and contemplation on what it means to compromise.

Looking up the etymology: "from Latin com (together) + promittere (promise).." coming together to form a mutual promise.

Doesn't sound so bad when you put it like that then huh ;)