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ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

"You cannot fix cultural issues with technical solutions."

You would think this is obvious, self-evident and self-explanatory.

But a lot of organizations will misidentify where the real issue is and go on a wild goose chase wondering why the ever increasingly complicated thing they're building is never getting any closer to being delivered.

This is something you come to understand the more you deal with all the moving parts in an organization, and realise that the level of tech in the solution is irrelevant if the culture sucks.

And by "culture" I mean organizational culture, how the company sponsors, encourages and empowers their workers to deliver what they need to deliver- business outcomes.

Once to get to this point, where you identify that the problem is a cultural one and not a technical one, you can stop wasting time making more technically complicated sh!t and get to work.

Like the 12 step programmes to classic problems that have been around for eons, the first step is recognizing what the problem actually is, then you have half a chance of making the right changes.