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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

Audience is your "who".

The intended recipients of your external actions and activities.

How do the audience know this thing, this action, is for them?

A wise friend once said to me, you don't choose your audience, your audience chooses you.

If you're confused about who you are, your audience, whoever they understand themselves to me, will also be confused.

Your audience only has the choice to choose the you that you allow yourself to be.

So, in a roundabout way, you, are your audience.

Example, if you are loud, brash and outgoing, people who are looking for and connect with a loud, brash and outgoing type, will tune in. If you're quiet, reserved and introverted, likewise your quiet and reserved audience will find their way to you.

And maybe that's why people are so afraid to be themselves. They may come face to face with the reality they don't really like this show, this storyline.

But therein lies the value and opportunity to address the only thing you have control over- you.

You can change what you don't like, or you can resolve why you don't like your self.

I think once you find yourself, your real self that you can accept and be at peace with, you find your audience.