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Ron Amosa

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ― Albert Einstein

This is all a game. No matter where you start off on the board, what tools you begin with, you have a chance at playing the game.

I watched two fighters going at it for 2 rounds in an Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight. One fighter was out classing the other in the stand up exchange. Fighter two seemed to have no answer for the kicks and punching combos of the first fighter. And all was going fighter one's way, until he slipped while being pushed backwards by fighter two, who immediately pounced on fighter one, sank a submission hold on and got the tap, winning the fight.

There is more than one game to be played at any time, bring the game into your world, and tap that bitch out.

So, maybe a new version of Einstein's quote could be "You have to learn there are many games being played. And then play the one you're best at." - Me (probably)