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Time: is the present.

ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

In a video I watched recently Nipsey asks "Do you know how kids spell love?"

And then answers "T.I.M.E.".

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone, is your time.

People say "Time is money." and they're right. But money you can make back. Double the rate of the first time. You don't get time back. It's a non-renewable resource.

So don't waste it. That doesn't mean hustle your face off and die rich/miserable. For me, it just means whatever you use your time for, make it a conscious decision. That you are going to trade that thing, for this time of yours.

Time is a construct. Life is constructed of time. So the phrases "life is short" and "life is long" are both the same. Equally meaningless without your context.

In life we want for good things. Good things take time. Study takes time. Getting good at something, takes time. If you see someone is good at something, they have paid a valuable price for that.


Respect peoples time. Respect your own time.

Make time for the people who make time for you.