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ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

It's funny how the exact same tasks, in the exact same environment and any and all extenuating factors can be experienced as trivial, easy, not even worth mentioning...

But also impossible, the most difficult, severely onerous and time consuming.

And the only difference is the way you looked at it.

"Just change your mindset" is Level 1 thinking.

I can change this with various external stimuli, inject, manipulate, go.

Is this sustainable? No.

Short-term band-aid at best.

Systems not Goals...

means the objective is not "change your mind", that's the result, the objective is "what helps create an environment for a healthy mindset?"...

And then never letting that slip lol.

The hamster wheel of doing the things because you're not naturally "the things", it is what is, what's the alternative?

Do the things, change the world.