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Ron Amosa

Sitting in the "uncomfortable"...

I saw a video with John Cleese talking about why he prefers people, other artists, who would sit in the awkward, uncomfortable longer, than those who either couldn't or wouldn't.

People who needed to "come to" or "make" a decision.


Because for those people coming to a decision, they were effectively bringing the uncertain, uncomfortable space to a close. Ending the awkward, uncomfortable uncertainty.

Why is that bad?

Because that space, where it's unknown, awkward and uncomfortable, is full of possibilities and wonders.

It's a space with only the limits you can imagine.

To hold that space, is to hold the door open to the gods, the universe, of creativity and magic.

But you have to be able to hold it open, and not allow your tolerance for the uncomfortable rob you of the space to let creativity birth something from the void, into your world.

Sit with it, be uncomfortable, see what the ether wants to show you.