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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

I want to build something - several somethings to be exact...

Some things based just on a whim, whatevers caught my interest or "passion", usually something technical.

I want to record building a bunch of stuff on AWS and putting in on a YouTube channel.


Two things come to mind

  1. commits me to picking a build and going through it, because there's no "content" otherwise
  2. I've always liked documenting my technical adventures

I look at #2 as being the souvenir or documented proof of the experience.

It's also a point in time snapshot of approach, understanding and skill.

But we're limited in time (or so we're sometimes lead to beleive) and that time is the factor against which important decisions are made.

What do I do with my life?

Anything really. What's stopping you doing what you want and need to do?

What should I do with my life?

Probably avoid "shoulds", I don't see a life reaching its potential when its constrained by "should".

"Just do it" is the standard catch cry, at this very moment we become caught in - paralysed by choice, fear, insecurity.

But it's a moment that exists in everyone cycle, and we have different techniques and approaches to moving through it.

If we're lucky, we'll move quickly- or, maybe we're meant to stay in the uncomfortable a while longer, and receive inspiration, signals and directions from the void.

Either way, and eventually, we need action.

Action removes doubt.

If still in doubt, add more action until you can see something.

My thought today was our purpose in life, and being caught between the stationary pondering and action to under landmarks and expose perspectives.

I think we're best served by doing a healthy amount of both.

Mmmm "healthy", anothe relative term.

And thought for another day.