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ยท One min read
Ron Amosa

I loathe the "expert" who is there to direct the attention to themselves and away from the solution.

If a question is asked, an answer, that solves the problem is sought- not a display of your closest thoughts to the topic because you don't know the answer and have nothing more to offer.

So you fill in the space, which might as well be a placeholder for your profile picture, because the value of your answer is as good as looking at your face.

We can say, "cool, that was you that said those words- that didn't help anyone. Thank you for letting us know you exist".

Don't be this "expert".

The worst part about it, was he sort of made my point about Pasifika Tech Leaders being technical, because this person is Pasifika- and brands himself as a tech leader... and then he does this sort of thing.

What's worse than a non-technical Pasifika tech leader? A technically rubbish Pasifika "tech leader".

Great, got that off my chest.