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ยท 2 min read
Ron Amosa

I want to train jiu-jitsu with my son.

I want to watch movies with him, and talk about them afterwards.

What did he like? What did he think of this topic?

I want to go on drives with him and see different places. Sit in cafes and parks and talk politics, technology and people.

I want to sing songs with him, and maybe duet on musical instruments.

I want to hang around the house on Sundays reading with him, listening to him tell me about his favourite book.

I want to sit at the table, with my wife, his mother and catch up on his day, how his friends are doing, what he enjoyed about his day.

These are all the things I do, the things I like to do- he doesn't have to do any of them (well, maybe bjj) if he doesn't want to.

I would hope he wants to do these things with me, but more importantly, I want him to do the things he likes doing, and maybe share them with me and his mother.

He turned 6 months a few days ago, so these things are some time away- but one thing we know about time, is that it goes as slow as the fastest day.

I never knew a love like this before.

And I probably never will again.