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AD Basics


These are my notes for the Active Directory Basics Room on TryHackMe.

Credits: Me.


This room was mostly theory so these are notes on Active Directory Basics.

Physcial AD

Domain Controllers (DC): "A domain controller is a Windows server that has Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) installed and has been promoted to a domain controller in the forest. "

AD DS Data Store: "The Active Directory Data Store holds the databases and processes needed to store and manage directory information such as users, groups, and services.".

keywords: NTDS.dit database for AD data including hashes, stored in %SystemRoot%\NTDS, can only be accessed by the DC.


The structure and hierarchy defining everything in AD. A forest is a collection of one or more domain trees inside an AD network.

keywords: Domains, OU, Trusts, Objects, Domain Services, Domain Schema.

Users + Groups

2 types of groups

  1. Security Groups: specifies permissions.
  2. Distribution Groups: specifies email distribution lists.

Default Security Groups

There are lots of them, examples: Domain Controllers, Domain Guests, Domain Admins etc.

Trust + Policies

Together, allow domain + trees communicate and maintain "security" inside the network.

Domain Trust

2 x types of trust mechanisms:

  1. Directional: flow from trusting --> trusting domains
  2. Transitive: "friend of a friend" trust i.e. not directly trusting, but trust by proxy, expanding to include other trusted domains.

AD Domain Services + AuthN


Services provided include:

  • LDAP
  • Certificate Services (PKI)
  • DNS, NBT-NS (all things domain management)


  • Kerberos - ticket-granting tickets, service tickets
  • NTLM

Azure AD

i.e. AD in the cloud.

On-prem to Cloud equivalents

OU TreeFlat Structure

Hands-on Lab

The lab was crap. Wrong PowerView.ps1 version of script didn't match the instructions and then the instructions were easily confusing.