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AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01)


July 04, 2023 I earned my AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification SCS-C01. Expires on July 04, 2026.


The SCS-C01 is out of date and the new cert is SCS-C02 as of July 11, 2023.


The AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01) exam is intended for individuals who perform a security role. The exam validates a candidate’s ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge about securing the AWS platform.

| Domain |% of Exam | | Domain 1: Incident Response |12%| | Domain 2: Logging and Monitoring |20%| | Domain 3: Infrastructure Security |26%| | Domain 4: Identity and Access Management |20%| | Domain 5: Data Protection |22%| |TOTAL |100%|



I used Adrian Cantrill's AWS Certified Security - Specialty Course which was good for hands-on and understanding the practical application of the concepts. It's a lot of content to get through, and to be honest I don't feel like it was the most efficient learning pathway for me because the exam tests the deeper elements of the security services i.e. which type of KMS key provides a certain feature and in what scenario is that feature valid or invalid as a solution.

Cantrill's courses do come highly recommended though, so I think for newer learners it's great and for more experienced AwS folks who want a well prepared, visual learning resource with well explained fundamentals, animated this is a great resource.

Practice Exams

I used the Practice Exams from Tutorial Dojo to prepare for the exams. I feel this route of learning was best for me, I'm already familiar with the AWS environment, so I needed really specific targeted and deeper learning and understanding of the security features of the servives.

There are 3 x sets of exams, 65 questions each, you work through in different modes, timed, review and by section. It feels like a "bank" of about 300 questions, covering the examined sections, and by the time you get through them, you've seen the whole bank several times.

The most valuable part of the practice exams is the explanations for correct and incorrect answers. I feel like running the practice exams, and deep diving into the answers you got wrong, or got right but didn't fully understand why you got it wrong is the best way to study for these exams.


One thing about the "bank" of questions you cover in TD's exams, is you cover a specific range of services, but when I got my exam there was a LOT of questions with scenarios that weren't touched on in the practice exams. So be careful the set of practice exams you focus on may not cover ALL possible question scenarios.


I always use Remnote for my flashcards of questions I got wrong, or upon a deep-dive into the documentation, discover some key info that help my understanding.

Exam Tips