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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


September 30, 2022 I earned my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification. Expires on December 15, 2025


This is a basic entry-level cert for AWS cloud technology, services and features.


No course, I'm fairly familiar with AWS services, but needed to dig into some new services and learn about the support plans and their differences.

Practice Exams

I ran through the 6 x practices tests on Udemy here: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams . I put myself on the hook and crammed for 2.5 days just using the practice exams and aws documentation. I do not recommend doing it this way, but if you need to get it done and short on time, practice exams and flashcards helped me do it in a short amount of time.


After each practice exam question, I would study the ones I got wrong, and why. I would create a flashcard with a way of remembering the information that I needed to understand to not make the same mistake. I use Remnote and highly recommend using it for all your flashcard needs.

This is an export of the the final flashcards I created to pass my exam:

- Snowball is a {{Peta}}-byte scale Data {{Transfer}} Device.
- Snowmobile is a {{Exa}}-byte scale Data Transfer Device.
- Snowcone is a {{Tera}}-byte scale Data Transfer and Edge Computing Device.
- what S3 storage type is best for data with unpredictable access patterns?―S3 Intelligent Tiering.
- S3 {{Intelligent}} Tiering has two tiers, {{in-frequently accessed}} and {{frequent access}} .
- What are the 3 examples of "Shared Control" (from the Shared Responsibility Model)? ↓
- Patch Management ‒ AWS patches infrastructure, Customer patches guest OS
- Config Management ‒ AWS configs infrastructure, Customer configures services on top.
- Awareness & Training ‒ AWS trains its employees, customer trains their own employees.
- AWS Health Dashboard is a single place to learn about the {{availability}} and {{operations}} of AWS Services.
- AWS Health Dashboard includes the following ↓
- personalised view of service health
- proactive notifications
- troubleshooting guidance
- AWS Organisation’s centrally {{govern}} and {{manage}} customers environments across {{billing}} management, {{access}} control, {{compliance}} and security; and to share resources across accounts.
- AWS Organisations five main benefits ↓
- **manage** access policies across multiple accounts
- **automate** creating and managing AWS accounts
- **configure** AWS services across multiple accounts
- **consolidate** billing across multiple accounts
- **control** access to AWS services across multiple accounts.
- Amazon CloudWatch allows you to view the following three things ↓
- application performance
- resource utilisation
- operational health
- AWS Config is a fully {{managed}} service that gives you config {{history}} and {{change}} notification enabling {{security}} and governance.
- AWS Support Plans
- What are the 4 Support Plan types? ↓
- Developer
- Business
- Enterprise On-Ramp
- Enterprise
- What plans provide Infrastructure Event Management (IEM)? ↓
- Business
- Enterprise On-Ramp
- Enterprise
- Business Support includes {{24x7}} support and {{IEM}} for a {{fee}}.
- What other programs do all four plans have access to (even if at different levels)?―Support Automation Workflows
- What's the difference between Developer Support Automation Workflows and the other plans?―prefixes AWSSupport only (other plans include AWSPremiumSupport prefixes).
- Savings Plans are available for which AWS Compute Services? ↓
- Amazon EC2
- AWS Fargate
- AWS Lambda
- What service can you use to keep an eye on service limits (quotas)?―AWS Trusted Advisor via 'Service Limits Dashboard'.
- AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service that provides managed instances of Chef and Puppet.
- What service provides configuration management using Chef and Puppet managed instances?―AWS OpsWOrks.
- What professional services firms help customers design, architect, build, migrate and manage workloads on AWS?―APN Consulting Partner.
- What professional services firms provide software solutions integrated or hosted on AWS?―APN Technology Partner.
- What TWO controls do customers __inherit__ from AWS? ↓
- Physical controls
- Environmental controls
- What are the main benefits of using DynamoDB? ↓
- performance at scale
- serverless
- high availability
- What can I use to get a data on costs breakdown of my AWS use over the last month?―AWS Cost Explorer
- What can I use to easily manage routing traffic between multiple VPC?―AWS Transit Gateway
- What service can I use to connect on-prem to AWS using IPSec over the internet?―AWS Site-to-Site VPN
- What does AWS Site-to-Site VPN provide that can connect my users to on-prem or AWS?―AWS Client VPN
- What service connects a Corp DC to AWS over a private network?―AWS Direct Connect (DX)
- What service can provide Single-sign to connect services like Salesforce, Microsoft 365 and custom applications using SAML 2.0 to AWS?―AWS Identity Center (formerly AWS SSO)
- What can customers use to create catalogs of approved services to better manage and govern their AWS accounts?―AWZ Service Catalog
- What AWS Organisations policy can I use to manage permissions for all AWS accounts?―AWS Service Control Policies (SCP)
- How are SCP different from IAM policies?―IAM is at the resource level of a single account. SCP is at the Account level. Org combines both for "net" permission.
- What's the minimum cost support plan that provides 24x7 support?―Business Support (Enterprise On-Ramp and Enterprise offer it, but more expensive)
- What support plans offer Concierge?―Enterprise & Enterprise On-Ramp (it's an Enterprise-focused service)
- AZ are {{isolated}} locations within AWS {{Regions}} whereas Edge Locations are located in {{multiple}} cities {{worldwide}}.
- IAM best practice is to create a {{User}} account for employees and then assign or attach the relevant {{policies}}.
- What are the only Amazon Machine Images (AMI) that are billed per-second? ↓
- Amazon Linux
- Windows
- Ubuntu
- What are the main two ways for running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS? ↓
- EC2
- If you suspect a security breach in your AWS account, do these THREE things first― ↓
- Open investigation
- Delete potentially compromised IAM users
- Change ROOT and IAM users password.